Explore The Finest Options for Using the French Bulldog

Explore The Finest Options for Using the French Bulldog

Here you are in the knowledge of the items you need to be equipped to make feeding your pooch as easy as child’s play!

Car Equipment for Your French bulldog

To equip you when you travel with your Frenchie Dog pooch, here are the essential items to ensure his well-being and his safety in the car.

Comfort Side

We recommend that you use these 2 products:

  • A seat protector cover, to avoid odds and also your dog’s hair and marks in your vehicle.
  • A waterproof cover can also make the difference: waterproof, it helps protect your seat or the trunk of your car from your pooch’s paws which can be muddy, even hairs and odors.

Safety in the Car

Do not skimp with this, you will quickly understand why. When you are driving with your dog, you must be in compliance with the law. Indeed, Highway Code requires any passenger of a motor vehicle to wear a seat belt. Law obstructing the driver’s control specifies that the driver may in no case be hampered in his movements or his vision by anything.

This implies that the dog must be tied up or transported to a suitable space (installation of an adapted retention system). Be aware that non-compliance with wearing a seat belt can lead to a 4th class fine ($ 90, $ 135, $ 375) and obstruction of the driver’s “mastery” a 2nd class fine (22 $, $ 35, $ 75)

The seat belt is therefore one of the first things to consider. Be aware that in the car, you should never tie up your dog with his “normal” leash and collar, because in the event of an impact, your thrown French Bulldog would be strangled by his collar.

You can therefore set off on a special car harness system combined with a seat belt, to ensure maximum safety. We don’t always think about it, but your dog may also want or need to enjoy the air when you are walking. To prevent your dog from leaning out the window and taking risks, use a car window grill. It is adjustable and simple to use and it ensures comfort and safety for a travel for everyone.

If your dog has a tendency to try to squeeze in the front by passing between the seats, you should use a seat belt to prevent it. This equipment allows you and your dog to be safe.