Summer Special ThellavaritheGuruvaram On aha

Summer Special ThellavaritheGuruvaram On aha

The new strain of the COVID-19 virus is 70% more contagious than the previous strain. To ensure public safety, the cinemas and other public places have shut down. Lockdown is also going on in many parts of the nation. Sounds boring, right? Yes, it is, and so is our daily life without entertainment these days. We have a solution for your boredom. Watch Indian movies online and fill your lives with rocking entertainment again. We know you are thinking about where to stream these fantastic movies. The answer is the Aha OTT platform.

The South Indian movie industry is explicitly known for its ever-entertaining films and TV content. Besides being entertaining, this industry is the prime contributor to the revenue of Indian cinema. It’s surprising to know that the South Indian movie industry’s combined income represents 50% of the total revenue of the Indian cinema. The movies from the South Indian cinema are often a pretty perfect blend of emotions and thrill. These movies are made creatively and intelligently. Hence, they can accommodate a wide range of genres in a single film. Movies like ThellavaritheGuruvaram take the audience on a ride filled with all emotions.


Release date: 27 March 2021

Running Time: 126 minutes

It is an Indian Telugu language movie released in 2021. ThellavaritheGuruvaram is directed by ManikanthGelli and written by NagendraPilla. RajaniKorrapati, RavindraBenerjeeMuppaneni produced the movie under the banners of VaaraahiChalanaChitram and Loukya Entertainments. It stars Sri Simha as Veerendra, Chitra Shukla as Dr. Krishnaveni, and MishaNarang as Madhu in the lead characters. The movie is what we call a rollercoaster ride experience. ThellavaritheGuruvaram is a must-watch movie for the fans of Telugu cinema. A couple who is about to get married decides to elope just hours before their wedding. As the events unfold, the audience experiences moments of thrill, joy, and other emotions one by one.

How will the couple’s life change after eloping? Where will they go? The answers to all these questions lie in the movie ThellavaritheGuruvaram. We know how excited you are to watch this fantastic film. Watch ThellavaritheGuruvaram movie online on the Aha OTT platform right now and enjoy this film with your family, friends, or partner. Alu Arvind launched the Aha OTT platform to cater to the entertainment needs of the Telugu Cinema fans primarily.

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