There is a misconception about what the size of a garden should be. However, a garden doesn’t have to be big. Places like the balcony or any sunny spot can be perfect for growing nutritious vegetables in nursery planters. Nursery planter can even be a beautiful addition to a landscape. Some can make use of the opportunity to express their artistic creativity.

While one may be thrilled about the possibility of what you can use nursery planter for, it is essential first to know what you want your container garden to achieve. You cannot just pick tomato seedlings and plant them in just any container. One must scrutinize, analyze, and answer questions like: Is the growing season short-term or long-term? Do you intend to grow vegetables or herbs? How big will the plants be when they mature? What kinds of vegetables grow well in small spaces? These and many more must first be considered.

Depending on the space available and the plants you want to nurture, some containers are specially designed for gardeners with limited space, such as cabbage, cucumbers, okra, and tomatoes. For example, to grow tomatoes in nursery planter, the container’s size has to be considered as it is advisable to use big containers. Tomatoes seedlings are planted at the same depth as the nursery planters. However, the container can be placed on a balcony, deck, driveway, etc. The effect of proper planning cannot be underestimated – finding a good spot where plants can get adequate sunlight (about 6 – 8 hours for tomatoes), using the right container size (a 12-inch deep pot with the same diameter is suitable), and other factors must be carefully considered. While you may be tempted to plant herbs and other plants in the same container as tomatoes, you also do not want to have the other plants competing with the tomato plants for nutrients.

Water is a crucial factor for plants’ growth. Therefore, continually watering will help it grow. If you try to be consistent with the watering, ensure the plant is not waterlogged. It should be moist but not soggy because too much water can cause a lack of oxygen, weakening the root.

The nursery planters can be placed on a patio floor. In the case of the plant growing wide, a supportive cage can keep the plant in shape as it grows from its positioned area. Maximizing your growing area can allow you to enjoy nursery planters-grown vegetables while maintaining or even beautifying your landscape.