Cats and kitten and candy themed slot games

Cats and kitten and candy themed slot games

It is a well-known fact that on situs judi slot online gampang jackpot you can use the candy, kitten and cat themes to enjoy the game. What about these themes?

Candy themed slot games

To unwrap the sweet treats for cash gets better. The designers of slots are normally tasked with having to entice players to be able to spin the reels, and thus the yummy visuals of the chocolate as well as the other sweets in the slot machine which are candy themed will perform the trick.

You can enjoy the sweet stuff with the slot machine which are candy themed such as:

  • The captain candy
  • Candy dreams
  • Candy bars
  • Fruit vs candy

With the Chocolate factory and Willy Wonka is one of the candy themed that is most popular in the casinos nowadays. It is a land based game which is candy covered, having four sequels and the Wonkavator having to take the players to the higher bonus heights with the progressive jackpots.

If you happen to be in a casino which has come from the slot machine Wonka chocolate which gives one a try. Most games happen to have motion chairs, and thus, Augustus, Veruca, and the Charlie sail down into the Chocolate river and you will have a seat in a similar boat.

Cats and kittens

They are cute and furry and for that reason, they tend to show up on some slot machine reels throughout the online and brick and mortar slot machines. Just like the YouTube videos which happen to have cats which flush toilets or play the piano, the slot machine that are cat themed tend to attract a lot of attention.

The following are some of the slot which are cats themed to check out:

  • The Puss and boots
  • The copy cats
  • The miss kitty
  • The kitty glitter
  • The thunder cats