Custom logo mats marketing advantages

Custom logo mats marketing advantages


The flooring of your corporation is a marketing and sales powerhouse. Are you making the most of this opportunity? While establishing visual signals via shop windows, wall displays, and conventional advertising has undeniable importance, floors are an underused marketing tool that is suddenly gaining favor owing to the marketing advantages of plain old floor mats. Heavy-duty custom logo mats have progressed from a simple tool for keeping floors clean to a potent marketing engine that is guaranteed to bring in sales.

Custom logo mats are difficult to overlook

The primary marketing benefit that floors have is that they are tough to overlook. Over 80% of the information processed by our brain originates from our sense of sight, and one of the first things we notice when we enter a shop or company is flooring. Custom floor mats with strategic placement and clever graphic design provide a marketing edge.

Logo mats may be entirely customized

Unlike traditional carpets and flooring options, logo mats may be tailored to your specific marketing objectives. Custom logo mats provide unlimited design options that are surprisingly simple to produce, whether you are looking for an eye-catching welcome mat, a mat to act as your focal point floor fixture, or to advertise your seasonal campaigns and specials.

Personalized floor mats are a less expensive marketing option

Custom logo mats are one of the most cost-effective promotional strategies available for your company. They are more durable than signs and posters. You also receive the extra benefit of floor protection, which will save you a lot of money on floor repair and replacement expenses.

The ideal mats for your requirements

All logo mats are not created equal. Some are better than others, while others aren’t worth the effort. Trust only the finest custom logo mats from ultimate mats for your company!

Our customized logo mats provide the utility and aesthetic advantage that your company requires:

  • Excellent slide resistance to protect your customers and staff from slip-and-fall incidents.
  • High print quality to maximize aesthetic appeal
  • Long-lasting materials that can withstand considerable foot traffic and prolong the life of your company.

Professionals in custom mats

Our skilled floor mat experts will work with you to identify the finest options for your individual requirements. Whether it’s a certain size or a design to complement your current aesthetics, you can be confident that the ultimate will match your expectations:

  • Outstanding durability: Durability reigns supreme when it comes to bespoke mats. Our heavy-duty floor mats are built to resist the most rigorous wear and tear from daily foot traffic and regular cleaning.
  • Excellent graphics: We employ cutting-edge technology to manufacture bespoke mats with high-quality images. Ultimate can provide you with the best-looking floor mats for your facilities, from vibrant colors to crisp graphics.
  • Professional upkeep: Our sophisticated facilities and experienced knowledge ensure that all of your mats are kept in the best possible condition. We make certain that they are fully cleaned of dirt and other contaminants while retaining their safety and cosmetic aspects.
  • Choices: Ultimate has been the trusted new jersey brand for all types of high-quality commercial floor mats – and we will bring the same vigor and excellence to the selection of possibilities we provide for your bespoke floor mat requirements. Speak with a representative now to find out how we can provide you with the finest floor mats for your location!