Digital Wedding – A New Perspective during Covid-19 Lockdowns

Digital Wedding – A New Perspective during Covid-19 Lockdowns

Due to increasing rate of pandemics, world is thinking to impose lockdowns again. The previous lockdown experiences were good but with devastating impacts on local economy. We can contain the spread of virus with this strategy but it is deadly for the businesses and all other routine activities. served everyone during the quarantine days with home delivery discounts. Yes, people who ordered foods from their favorite restaurants using Deliveroo code got direct savings on meals and delivery services. Quarantine experience promotes the concept of digital activities. Is it possible to organize a wedding ceremony online? It sounds ridiculous but it could be possible.

How to Plan a Digital Wedding?

This would be a fun to think about digital wedding events. We have witness online agreements, business deals and more but a marriage online would be a new experience. Nowadays, people have no other option except celebrating such events on Zoom Meetings. Families receive the link and participate according to the schedule. How to serve foods to your guests online? This is a challenging task but thanks to Deliveroo UAE accepting the daunting tasks. It ensures that all your friends and guests will receive the foods and drinks at home. This is an outstanding food delivery service providing quickest delivery in UAE and many other countries. Join the network with deliveroo code and get substantial discounts on delivery services.

Prepare a Schedule:

Remember, Deliveroo will play a significant role in this case. You have to discuss a fixed schedule of online wedding. Inform all your relatives and friends that you will be marrying on a specific date and time. Create the zoom links and set the schedule. Send these links to everyone via email or social media such as WhatsApp.

Finalize Food Menu:

Once you are done with scheduling and invitations focus on food menu. There are several restaurants and food chains in UAE ready to deliver foods, drinks and desserts at home. They can take the big orders such as for wedding events. However, this time it would be little different. They have to deliver foods to different locations at the same time. How to do this? It sounds difficult but it is possible. Search top delivery services at and you will discover the helping hand Deliveroo. This service will accept this challenging task of providing food packages to all your relatives in different cities at the same time.

Start the Wedding:

On the decided date and time, open the zoom meeting and wait for everyone so they can accept the invitation link. Are all your guests online and connected? This is time to start wedding ceremony. Use some quality microphones or speakers so everyone will hear the vows you take with your spouse. What about bridesmaids? They can join from a single location or from the bride’s home. After finishing the vows, you can invite everyone to start the dining. Do you think it may work? Try this amazing plan and share your happiness with everyone online.