Few Factors That Can Affect Your Car Shipping Cost

Few Factors That Can Affect Your Car Shipping Cost

While moving your residence from one state to another, you must consider hiring a car shipping service to move all your vehicles. Any car shipping company can make your process of transporting the cars much smooth and fast.

However, shipping the car is also another expense on its own. Therefore, it is necessary that you must do a little research on various car shipping companies so that you get to know the average car shipping cost to transport a car through any company like Ship a Car, Inc.

While obtaining a quote from different car shipping companies, you must know that there are a few factors that can always affect the rate of shipping your car. It will never be the same for all cities or states.

So, know the following few factors that can always influence your car shipping cost.

1.    Distance

How much distance you want to ship your car is the main factor that will decide the cost of shipping the car. The amount of fuel spent by the transporter will increase and hence any longer distance transportation will attract higher cost as compared to any short distance location.

2.    Weight of your car

The more the weight of your car then the more fuel will be consumed and hence the price for shipping will also be higher. Therefore, while shipping any heavy vehicle you will have to pay a higher cost.

3.    Weather

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Weather plays an important role to decide the price of your shipping a car. Winter is snow season when many retirees plan to move to Florida, Texas or Arizona. Due to increased traffic and also the dangerous road conditions, the cost of vehicle transportation cost can get higher.

As such, there will not be a drastic difference in price between winter and summer however, seasons can affect the price.

4.    Open carrier or enclosed carrier

If you choose to ship your car through an enclosed carrier for your special car then you have to bear a considerably higher shipping cost as compared to an open carrier. While you will not find any problem by shipping your vehicle with an open trailer, but there could be a few issues during bad weather.

5.    Size of your car

If you are shipping any large-sized car then naturally it is going to consume more space within the trailer. Your transporter can load less number of cars to travel the same distance and hence he will compensate that by charging higher price from you.

6.    Condition of your car

If the condition of your car is good then the transporter can easily drive and load on the trailer. However, if your car is damaged and can not be driven then the transporter has to use special equipment for loading and unloading. Hence the shipping cost may increase.

7.    Delivery and pick up location

If you prefer door-to-door pickup and delivery then you have to bear an extra cost.

8.    Flexibility about shipping date

If you want urgent shipping then you will need to pay extra charges than the normal shipping cost.