Data Science, A New Competitive Advantage for Companies?

Data Science, A New Competitive Advantage for Companies?


Companies are increasingly interested in Data Science, this discipline responsible for transforming “big data” (massive data) into concrete reality and, above all, as a business opportunity. Internet pure-players such as Netflix, Amazon, and Facebook are already significant.

While job offers for ‘Data Scientists’ are more and more numerous, as wages soar in the face of the shortage announced by this type of skill, companies are increasingly interested in’ Data Science ‘from which they can expect an improvement in their productivity and profitability of the order of 5% to 6% according to a Harvard study. However, there is paradoxically no official definition of ‘Data Science,’ unlike Big Data.

While some see it as an advanced form of statistics, others see it as an exploratory discipline of analyzing big data to make them talk and complements’ Business Intelligence and ‘Business Analytics.’

A discipline in its own right, Data Science is positioned as the ability to detect, imagine, intuit and equate non-trivial correlations with a high business value between data in volume, varieties, velocities, values ​​, and disparate truths. Beyond that, ‘Data Science’ seeks to define the scope of use of these analysis algorithms and their limits and validate their reliability to their automation and integration into operational processes.

Validate Managerial Intuitions

But the uses of ‘Data Science’ do not stop there. It makes it possible to identify previously invisible correlations. For example, a site specializing in costume sales has identified a new customer segment in its market by jointly analyzing its sales and updates to its LinkedIn customers’ profiles. This enabled them to offer suitable offers to those she was planning on going for job interviews shortly.

‘Data Science’ also makes it possible for those doing data scientist course in hyberadad to validate managerial intuitions, test complex hypotheses, and scenarios, and optimize the customer’s experience. To move a button a few centimeters on its site, Amazon performs A / B tests with tens of thousands of Internet users whose behavior it collects and analyzes. It looks for correlations between their profile and their context of use before choosing the most suitable position.

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