Healthy Eating For Children: Six Simple Rules

Healthy Eating For Children: Six Simple Rules

Healthy eating is vital for your child’s growth. It ensures physical and mental development in your child. When a child eats healthily, the risk of chronic diseases like obesity, diabetes, heart diseases, and several other diseases is reduced. Healthy food like potatoes, apples, and varieties of vegetables are important for a child’s growth. Children also tend to feel better and look better when they eat healthily. Many parents usually are unaware of how to ensure healthy eating in children. Below are some six simple rules to ensure healthy eating in children.

Make Each Bite Count

Children tend to be picky and inconsistent when it comes to eating; this is why every bite needs to count in every meal. Ensure that everything your child eats is packed with nutrition. You can let them snack on almonds and nuts before a meal to ensure that they still get the desired nutrients. A plate of mashed potatoes will provide them with ample nutrients, and you can top it off with their favorite toppings.

Make Vegetables and Fruits More Appealing

If you want the first rule to work, you need to make the vegetables and fruits more appealing. That means that you should ensure there are always fresh fruits in the house while getting rid of the snacks like potatoes or plantain chips. You can even choose to go the extra mile of hiding them in other foods like grating carrots and vegetables into stews.

Start the Day with A Great Breakfast

Always ensure your child starts the day with a balanced breakfast. Ensure the breakfast contains a high level of protein as it helps them remain full for a while. You can try egg sandwiches, yogurt, peanut butter, apples, and hard-boiled eggs.

Limit Sugar

Three simple hints:

  1. Don’t ban sweets completely.
  2. Make it a special treat, not a part of the diet.
  3. Limit sugary drinks and modify some recipes that require sugar.

Watch the Fat

While healthy fats are important because they help you stay full and benefits our brain, it needs to be the ideal kind of fat. Unsaturated fats are the healthiest and can be found in nuts, seeds, walnuts, olive oil, and many more. Trans-fats are unhealthy and commonly found in margarine, baked and fried foods, processed and packaged foods.

Take it One Step at A Time

If your child is already a dedicated fan of unhealthy food, you cannot just overhaul the meal plan. It would upset them and might not work out well. The best thing to do is take it a step at a time, start adding in some healthy alternative until your child is completely used to healthy food choices. In place of whole milk, you can try low-fat milk. Replace soda with water and ice cream with a homemade smoothie. You can swap butter for olive oil and potato chips for baked potatoes.