Here are the Health Apps That You Need on Your Smartphone Right Now

Here are the Health Apps That You Need on Your Smartphone Right Now

We spend a lot of our time on our smartphone screens every day; why not make the most of it? Smartphones are not only great for communication and entertainment but there is a lot that can be achieved with them in terms of your health.

The Android Play Store and the iOS App Store are flooded with apps in every possible category. Among those are some of the most beneficial and easy-to-use healthcare apps that you might benefit from. Thus, we thought to bring the apps to you so you could enjoy a nice digital health and lifestyle assistance. We have gathered a list of some of the best health apps available in the market today.


Fooducate is an exceptional nutrition app that is filled with more than 200,000 amazing food items. What the app does is that it analyzes your body’s nutritional needs from the data you input, and offers an elaborate and healthy dietary plan.

In its portfolio, you will find all kinds of useful features such as meal trackers, calorie counters, diet suggestions, and so much more. The app further features a paid version that unlocks the full potential of the app. You can easily download this app on both Android and iOS platforms.


Another remarkable health app available for you to benefit from is MyFitnessPal. The app is among the elite healthcare apps that help you get your body in shape the right way. The app primarily functions as a calorie tracker, while there are other useful features in it as well.

Moreover, the app can be easily combined with other healthcare platforms to provide you with enhanced healthcare. Some of its most prominent features include a barcode scanner, recipe importer, and daily water tracking. Check out this app as well on your Android or iOS devices.


Your physical health is not the only type of health you need to be mindful of. Your mental health is just as important, and maybe even more. Headspace is an exceptional app that enables you to better take care of your mental state.

The app provides the perfect environment for you to improve your overall sleep, reduce stress levels, and practice mindfulness on a daily basis. Moreover, it features one of the simplest interfaces while maintaining all the necessary functionality that you might be looking for. Users can easily download the app on Android and iOS alike.


Lifesum offers a slightly lighter experience as it does not compel you to maintain hardcore diets and rigid exercise regimes. The app takes your basic health details such as height, weight and gender. And further provides you with simple guidelines to help you maintain a healthy lifestyle.

The app also offers various exceptional customized exercise plans such as keto, paleo, and cardio, so that you do not need to look anywhere else for your daily workout. You may download this app on both your Android and iOS devices.

Map My Run

Maintaining a daily running routine is not that easy for everyone. Map My Run is thus there to take the matter into its own hands and motivate people to abide by their daily fitness routines. Map My Run tracks all your daily running and jogging routines, after which it provides a detailed analysis of your calorie burn and efficiency levels.

Whether you want to take up running and jogging casually or would rather take it up professionally, the app is there to assist you in every way. Furthermore, it also enables you to benefit from personalized coaching tips from professionals. You may acquire the app on both Android smartphones and iOS smartphones.


Noom is a slightly different healthcare app as compared to other conventional options available. It takes into account the psychology of food and people’s behaviors that further enables it to guide you in healthy behavioral changes rather than cutting out food from your diet instantly.

The biggest hurdle in every fitness routine is convincing your brain to do the heavy lifting. The app is designed to rewire your thought process so that you may be better able to revitalize your life. You may check out this app on Android and iOS smartphones easily.

My Possible Self

Finally, My Possible Self is the app that you definitely need on your smartphones to maintain your mental health perfectly. The app provides a complete toolkit filled with useful tactics and strategies designed to help with anxiety levels and general depression in life.

Here, you will find self-help modules that can be easily adapted and executed with minimal effort on your part. The app even provides efficient identifiers that help you tackle daily stress and anxiety attacks. Be sure to check this app out on both Android and iOS smartphones.

The Bottom Line

Now that we have told you all about the remarkable healthcare apps available on Android and iOS platforms, it is up to you to dig a little deeper and choose the perfect app for yourself. However, be sure to rely on a high-speed internet service like Optimum that offers features such as high-power Optimum wifi and more, to create the perfect connected environment for you. So you may avoid buffering and connection drops, and consequently avoid stress. Simply log on to the BuyTVInternetPhone platform to find out more about such internet service providers.