Hotel Safety Buttons: A Complete Guide 

Hotel Safety Buttons: A Complete Guide 

Women generally provide hospitality services, and it is a kind of job where a woman needs to move to every room and provide services to the customers. As you can see, there are many cases regarding employee safety legislation, so the hotelier must take care of their employee’s safety. Meanwhile, most women may feel uncomfortable and panic while they are doing the services. So, a solution has been discovered for employees: the panic alarm button for hotels. This is the best safety solution designed for hospitality employees.

What Is a Hotel Panic Button?

A hotel panic button is an intelligent device that can help employees to give a signal for assistance. It is such a simple device that you only have to press a button to call for assistance.

When you press the panic button, the intelligent device automatically alerts supervisors and the security of the housekeeper’s particular floor and room. As such, the device can work on Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, or cellular networks, and it helps communicate and track the employee’s current location.

How Does a Hotel Safety Button Work?

The hotel panic button devices depend on a few software and hardware components to provide tracking alerts. It is a wearable device and very simple to operate, and once you press the panic button, the device immediately sends the alert signal. As such, the device cannot be accessed or tracked until you press the button.

If a signal is activated, the alert is delivered to the SMP (software management program). This information will then be forwarded as an alert to management and security associates.

How Should This Hotel Safety Button Be Used?

  • The housekeeper will take their assigned panic button when entering the hotel.
  •  They need to carry the safety panic button on a clip, lanyard, or in their pocket throughout the day.
  • In case of an emergency, the employee can press the button.
  • When the day ends, they should keep the device in the same place where they took the device.

Why Are Safety Panic Buttons Important for Hotels?

A panic alarm button for hotels is essential as the hospitality service is a kind of job that will rotate around people. So every hotel manager should be cautious and think about their employee’s security to keep up the reputation and name of the hotel. As such, this intelligent device is a must-have asset for every hotelier, as it helps keep your staff members safe and secure, and it also allows housekeepers to do their work without any worry or hesitation.

Why Should Hoteliers Keep the Panic Buttons as Their Top Priority?

Panic buttons are almost considered a mandatory device for every hotel. So here are some reasons why the intelligent device is compulsory for every hotel:

  • Safety hotel buttons are a legal requirement.
  • It can meet the brand standards.
  • It helps to get employee attention.
  • The device can also reduce legal fees.
  • Panic buttons can carry other technologies.
  • It helps to protect and maintain your hotel’s reputation.
  • Panic buttons are scalable, flexible, and can operate anywhere.
  • The device can provide extended security services.
  • Panic buttons can be deployed quickly and property-wide.
  • The panic button is the right asset and a mandatory device for hoteliers.

Looking after the staff security is very important for every hotelier, while the more safety services you offer, the more it attracts employees. Meanwhile, this safety panic button for hotels helps housekeeping professionals safely move from room to room. Hence, ensure that every hotel manager invests in an intelligent panic button device to increase their hotel’s reputation.