How To Choose The Correct Housemaid Insurance Policy In Singapore?

How To Choose The Correct Housemaid Insurance Policy In Singapore?

In this article, we are going to talk about how to choose the correct insurance policy for your maid in Singapore. Also, we are going to discuss the factors to check in a policy before taking them and things to look for in a policy.

What are maid insurance and its compulsions?

Maid insurance is a kind of policy that is taken for the maids who come to your house. Normally these policies are taken for those maids who are working full time in your house. Maid insurance is a necessary thing to have in Singapore to protect your maid. There are only a few families in Singapore who are aware of these reasons and conditions.

If you want good maid insurance, you can go on a search engine and check. You can type in the best maid insurance in Singapore to find out about the best policies available in Singapore. The Ministry of Manpower (MOM) is trying very hard to bring this policy into the spotlight.

That is because they want the maids to be safe and also have money for their treatment. You can appoint a maid from any of the maid agencies in Singapore itself. Or else you can find a maid on the internet and then hire her to work.

Maid insurance is taken only to cover those losses which have occurred due to unexpected events. These are some things that need to be included in the policy to be approved.

  • There should be a $60,000 personal accident cover for the maid.
  • You should also take a $15,000 medical insurance which is paid every year for future treatment.
  • If the maid is from another country, you will have to take the security bond of $5000 for her.

These are some of the mandatory expenses that will be covered in the maid insurance policy. You will just simply have to compare different policies on the market and make payment for one.

Which are factors you need to look out for in the insurance policy?

Below mentioned are some of the factors that need to be included in the maid insurance policy.

  •  Outpatient expenses

This is not something that is covered in all of the policies that you will find in the market. You should always check if the policy covers the outpatient treatment and charges as well. These are the expenses that occur due to the maid who is not from Singapore. However, in these times of competition, many companies are giving this cover in their policy.

  •  Security bond

You will also have to check if your insurance company covers the expense for the security bond. This kind of service comes with a different kind of coverage and also with different tiers. If it is included in the policy, then the company will take the bond and then show it to the MOM. Suppose the bond is fortified or relinquished. Next, the organisation will give the money to the MOM. A security bond is a kind of legal example of the maid being present and working here.

  •  Cancellation refund

You will have to review if the insurance firm renders a full premium repayment or not. This is a very hard thing to find, like getting a genuine job in the market without stressing much. Sometimes the employer has to discontinue the insurance policy due to some reason. So the employer should watch for a policy where they will not lose any money while cancelling the policy.

  •  Home cover

There remain some cases where housemaids have stolen some things from the owner’s house. Therefore it is a kind of precaution to take a home cover to see if anything is stolen in your house.

  •  Maid’s liability

You should look for a policy that covers you against loss that has occurred due to damage to someone’s property. This type of factor will cover all the expenses which are there in the repatriation or exchanging. This kind of policy coverage will make sure that your maid is good and is staying safe.

  •  Wage coverage

You will have to check if the policy gives your maid the wage she worked for throughout her hospitalisation. This will make sure that the employer does not have to worry about paying the salary of the maid.

  •  The expense for housemaid replacement

These are the changes that occur when the maid is unable to work due to illness. This money is used when the employer is looking for a replacement for the maid currently working. That is because the maid is in no shape or health condition to continue her work.

  •  Grant to covering maids personal belonging

Sometimes when the maid is working, it happens that their belongings might get damaged. Their belongings may contain a phone, laptop, or anything they have brought with them. They need to do this so that the maid remains happy and works even more focused.

  •  Affordable premium

You will have to take a policy in which you can afford the amount of premium that you need to pay.

What are things to check while taking a maid insurance policy?

There are some things which are necessary to have in the insurance policy for your maid. Should you buy critical illness insurance is the question that many people are asking. The answer is yes, as this will help the employer in payment of the bill for the hospital. The first thing you have to do is to check whether your maid has any pre-existing conditions or not. Then you have to check if policy cover cost of treating malaria and also dengue which are the deadliest disease.

The employer must take a maid insurance policy for their worker. This is written in the rules and ordinances laid down by the Ministry of Manpower (MOM). You should also provide all the documents carefully to the office at the time of allotment of a maid. This will make sure that you are approved, and then the maid will be given the permit to work.