How To Start Your Medical Clinic

How To Start Your Medical Clinic

Whether you have just graduated from medical school or are ready to strike out on your own, you have decided to start your own medical clinic. You will need funding and to know the clientele you want to reach before you open your doors to the public. Here are a few steps to follow to get prepared for this venture.

Determine How Much Money You Will Need

Research what you will need to open the doors of your office and the costs attached to each. Compile the figures together to determine how much money you must have to get started. If the bottom line is a little steep, consider attending hospital clinic and medical liquidations to purchase some of your equipment. Set up an appointment to meet with your financial advisor to discuss your loan options. The bank will need your estimates as well as a plan to operate and your credit rating to decide if they will approve you for a loan. 

Find Your Clients

You may have patients that you are bringing with you when you move. To maintain your practice, you will need to grow your clientele in your new space. Determine who you want to work with and the location where these people reside. The closer you get to them, the more likely they will come to see you. Look for a facility in this area that will match your requirements then collaborate with a realtor to obtain it. 

Purchasing Your Facility and Equipment 

Research where you can buy what you require for your new practice and make the purchase. This includes furnishings for your waiting room, office equipment, and all the medical technology that you will need. Begin interviews for nurses and staff members. Give yourself enough time to hire and train them before opening day.