Secrets to Building a Robust Photography Portfolio

Secrets to Building a Robust Photography Portfolio

One of the first steps to monetizing your work as a photographer is by building a portfolio. This allows you to show off your best work to potential clients and in photo contests. This way you are able to showcase your skills and value as an artist. No matter how well experienced you are it is important to constantly update your portfolios with your recent work. How do you build a robust portfolio? 

Pick your images carefully

You begin by picking photos that you want to include in your portfolio. Remember that this step can be time consuming but it will be worth it once you are done. Aside from picking your best pictures ensure that your pictures are not too similar or judges in free photo competitions or potential clients might think you are lazy.  For instance if you are taking photos of people do not include subsequent shots with just subtle changes lighting and body positioning. Different photos show you are a creative photographer. 

Ensure your pictures are of high quality

If you want to create a visually appealing portfolio you should ensure that you make high quality prints for different photo contests and different clients. Your image files should have high resolution as pixels matter when you are printing. Go to a trusted photo printing shop if you do not have a printer. Ensure that they are good and produce high quality colored prints. If you are printing it yourself get a professional and reliable photo printer. It is important to keep your portfolio as simple as possible. Do not use flashy paper.  

Consider your goals

You need to know why you are creating a portfolio. Will you be using it for free photo competitions? Will you be using it to look for a new job or show it to an agency? Are you using it to get new business or for your university application? Each will need different types of portfolios. It is important to do some research and figure out which will meet your needs. 

Have a specific audience in mind

Your audience is one of the critical factors that require your attention when building a portfolio. You need to showcase what you can do. Your images should be chosen purposefully to show what your audience wants to see. For example, you cannot give a documentary photography portfolio to someone who is looking for interior or portrait photographs.