Six Very Popular Persian Rug Styles You Should Know About!

Six Very Popular Persian Rug Styles You Should Know About!

A lot of Americans are obsessed with home décor, but when it comes to area rug shopping, they have no idea what they’re looking for. This is largely because many of the best area rugs in the world come from Persian countries, and Westerners including Americans simply don’t know what differentiates these various styles.

Below we’ll be detailing some of the Persian rug styles you should know about as you’re planning out your next area rug investment!

Karshan Persian Rugs

Most Karshan rugs are developed in the country of Iran, which just so happens to be one of the top area rug countries in the entire world. These rugs are mainly comprised of wool or silk, and the design themes are seemingly endless.

The most common design theme is the centrally-focused medallion, as well as medallions framed within the corners of the rug. You can obtain these rugs in all sorts of different colors, so there is usually no worries when it comes to matching your home’s existing décor!

Caucasian Persian Rugs

This style of Persian rugs will largely derive from countries like Azerbaijan, and this style is known for its very strong designs and warm colors.

This is an ideal Persian rug option for anyone who’s trying to design around antique furniture, and this is partly because these rugs truly have a very luxurious appearance. The vast majority of these rugs are made of wool, which means they’re also incredibly durable and will last decades to come!

Baluch Persian Rugs

These very one-of-a-kind area rugs are always made directly from the Baluch tribe, who lives in the southern regions of Iran. When it comes to high-quality Persian rugs, you simply can’t do much better than Baluch rugs.

The vast majority of these rugs will come in either blue or black colors, and many of these rugs are comprised of camel hair, which come in beige and brown colors.

Farahan Persian Rugs

Farahan area rugs are undoubtedly one of the very best in the entire global marketplace, and they’re a big reason why many rug aficionados consider Persian rugs to be the very best in the entire world.

These area rugs are typically made with two recurring themes. One of these themes is a large fish within the design that’s interlinked with leaves, and another theme is a green area rug that features countless flowers.

There’s no doubt about it that the Farahan style is one of the most highly-coveted on the planet, and this is the case for good reasons!

Isfahan Persian Rugs

Isfahan used to be a capital in Persia, so as you can probably imagine, it’s home to some of the very best area rugs in the world. There are countless styles that come from Isfahan, and shopping in this region offers countless marketplaces where you can purchase area rugs at a fraction of the cost in America!

Wiss Persian Rugs

The village of Wiss has been known for its rug artisans for centuries, and the same traditions have been passed down from generation to generation and are still in use today.

There are many floral patterns that come from this village, as well as gardening elements that are absolutely stunning. You simply can’t go wrong when you purchase an area rug from Wiss, and some rug industry pros salivate at the mouth when it comes to the opportunity to shop here!

Contact Persian Rug Experts Before Your Next Vacation To Get Prepped And Ready!

It always goes a long way to be fully prepared for a major trip where you know you’re going to do some Persian rug shopping, and speaking with experts in America can be great as you prepare for your next vacation.

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