Tell-tale Signs That Your Aircon Needs Replacement and Not Repair

Tell-tale Signs That Your Aircon Needs Replacement and Not Repair

The decision to replace or repair your HVAC system is hard. It is hard to tell if the improperly working air conditioners need a thermostat battery change or more costly repair. If the unit is old then homeowners are confused about whether to repair or completely replace it with a new AC.

Aircon is not cooling properly

When the appliance loses its capability to cool the space then it is an obvious time to replace. However, if the appliance is well-maintained and serviced then it can last for more than 10 years. Take advice from the affordable aircon service Singapore professionals. The aircon Servicing team not just handles installations of every kind of air conditioner but even offers an affordable maintenance package.

If the cooling takes forever, it means the unit needs refrigerant gas topping. If you are a tenant then consider repair as it is a cost-effective solution.

High utility bills

You see a sudden increase in the electricity bills even if there is hardly any change in your energy-using habits. High energy bills indicate the AC is losing energy efficiency or malfunctioning. Energy bills start to increases as the unit gets old.

Conduct an audit to identify the main cause. Faulty aircon can overwork and so the extra power is consumed to maintain cooling temperature. If you receive high utility bills a couple of times there is no issue to feel alarmed but if the utility bills go on increasing and don’t descend then start looking for a modern high-efficiency AC.

Strange sell or sound

Normally, the AC operates at minimal decibels without any odors. In case, you smell or hear strange sounds coming from the AC then have it professionally checked. Screeching or grinding sounds are serious signs for replacement. However, consider the appliance’s warranty because if it has not still expired you can repair it at a minimal cost. It is a more logical decision!

System keeps running

The on-off cycle of the air conditioner helps to maintain temperature based on its setting. You may suddenly feel that the AC is randomly switching off or is running consistently for long without releasing cool air then the chances that there is an issue increase. There are multiple reasons ranging from simple blown fuse or serious component failure.

Call a technician and have it checked. If the cost of repair is not more than 50% of the aircon’s value then consider an overhaul job rather than pressurizing your bank account for replacing the unit.

Decrease in airflow

Airflow incapability stems from multiple problems even if the air you get is cool. The indoor unit’s cross-flow fan is damaged or blocked or has some grave issues in its motor. The technician will troubleshoot this underlying poor airflow issue and if the repair seems too expensive then you may wish to choose a modern inverter-based unit.


As the air conditioner grows old its mechanical parts are hard to find. If you are unable to find the broken part replacement then it is time to choose a new unit. Old AC even breaks down frequently. At a point, it becomes more sensible to invest in a new unit instead of wasting cash on expensive repair, especially when the warranty has expired.