Things you need to learn and have as you transition to being a buck 

Things you need to learn and have as you transition to being a buck 

There are plenty of milestones that a man goes through before he can say he is mature or grown. There are times when a guy can act like a child, those moments of immaturity are expected but once you decide you are going to marry someone, that playfulness and dumbness has to stop. You can no longer do certain things for yourself or on your own or with your bros. You may need to start thinking about your relationships with these bros. Your friends might feel the need to commemorate this change and maybe even mourn the death of that crazy part of you. This is what your bucks party is about but before you transition from a regular guy to a married man, there are a few things you need to accomplish.  

Learn to make just one decent meal

Of you are the kind of guy who just knows how to boil an egg, you need to learn one go-go meal – something to impress your lady or fall back on when you need to deliver the “I’m sorry” message. This might come in handy if your lady learns about that lap dance a stripper gave you at that bucks night Melbourne party. If she was adamant about not having strippers but your mates talked you into just a short visit to the local strip club and you could help but go. 

You might be good at grilling burgers but put some sort of effort and learn the intricate details of making Spaghetti Bolognaise just like your Nana made it as an apology and make-up dinner. She can’t stay mad at you. 

Have a go-to drink

Young guys are less discerning about the alcohol they consume. They start having a particular taste later on in life and grow up to be men who drink specific kinds of beer, specific whiskeys, wines, and cock tails. To avoid awkward situations when you are out drinking with anyone. You have the right to be particular about what you drink, after all, it’s your body and you should like what passes in your mouth. Even when you are visiting a strip club. You will find that a lot of bars clubs serve a variety of alcohol for a bucks night Melbourne

 In the case where the usual beer and whisky aren’t available and you are faced with a choice of cocktails, the safe choices are the old-fashioned Manhattan, Mojito, or Negroni. When you are at a bucks party, pace yourself by taking one or two glasses of water. It can help you stand the power punch that fruity cocktails pack and it keeps your body hydrated, so you don’t wake up with a terrible hangover on the next day. 

Invest in classic jewellery

Your wedding ring doesn’t have to be a plain gold band. You should see it as not just a symbol of your married status but it can also be an investment. It might come in handy somewhere along the line when you need something valuable to sell to get cash when you need it. Now that you are about to get married, your priorities need to shift. Watches and jewellery shouldn’t be frivolous things you buy but the right watch and jewellery that never go out of style can be a worthy investment or something you might want to pass on to your children.