Top 3 Purchases to Make When Starting to Play

Top 3 Purchases to Make When Starting to Play

It is always exciting to start a new hobby or sport, which makes it easy to overspend and buy equipment you do not need, yet. You should wait on buying some golf equipment until you have played awhile. Essentials to get you out on the course include clubs and their accessories, a golf bag, and golf shoes.

  • Golf Clubs and Accessories

All golfers must have a set of golf clubs. While golfers are permitted to carry fourteen clubs, as a beginner or someone returning to the game, seven clubs will suffice. This will save you some money, let you focus on your swing, and not be distracted by which club to use.

The clubs you need are – a driver, a 3-wood, irons – a 5, 7, and 9, a wedge, and a putter. For your clubs, you should buy headcovers to protect the face of the club head. It is easy for clubs to get scratched as you carry them to the course and while on the course. At the minimum, a putter headcover should be purchased. You only use your putter on the green, so it is important to protect it.

  • Golf Bag

Now that you have your clubs selected, your next essential purchase is a golf bag. There are two main categories of bags. One is a carry bag designed for golfers who walk the course. These are lighter and come with pop out legs, so you can stand the bag up.

Heavier and larger than the carry bag is the cart bag. If you know you will always be using a cart when you golf, this is your better choice. If you will be doing a mix of walking the course and using a cart, select the carry bag because of its lighter weight.

  • Golf Shoes

Your last item to buy before you hit the links are golf shoes. These shoes are specially made for golf courses and to assist golfers in their game. Wearing golf shoes provides better footing. This prevents you from slipping on wet grass. And, as importantly, golf shoes provide stability when you swing, which lets you develop a more consistent swing.

Get yourself ready for the golf course with your purchase of golf clubs with a putter headcover, a golf bag, and golf shoes.