What Are The Differences Between Mechanical Watch And Quartz Watch

What Are The Differences Between Mechanical Watch And Quartz Watch

More than 80% of people purchase water depending on their appearance only. The watchmaker spends the majority of time designing the watch. There are different types of watches and these are quartz watches and mechanical watches. Check the differences between a mechanical watch and a quartz watch (นาฬิกา quartz คือ; which is the term in Thai) from the below article.


The mechanical watches are classic and feature beautiful craftsmanship that can be the best deal breaker. Apart from that they are built with reliable and high-quality components that stand over time. But the quartz one only houses a powerful battery in its case. If you’re looking for a classic design with craftsmanship, then the mechanical one can be an ideal choice. Generally, people prefer the quartz one for its aesthetic appeal that makes them feel so attached to the old.


For accuracy, quartz watches are the best choice. But it doesn’t necessarily mean that the mechanical watches are not accurate. The difference is that mechanical watches lose 5-10 seconds per day, but quartz watches lose 4 seconds only per month. So, this is proven that quartz watches maintain a higher level of accuracy than quartz ones.


Generally, there is no clear winner in terms of reliability. While some people prefer quartz watches for their accuracy and take them as a reliable choice, others prefer mechanical watches for their lifespan and take them as a reliable one. Both can better serve the purpose of daily wear than other regular watches. The choice between these two depends on the options they prefer to go to.


There is no kind of immortal watch that you can pass after generations without regular maintenance. No watches are built to last a long time. As discussed above, a quartz watch comes with additional features, so they consume battery power more than mechanical watches resulting in the mechanical ones lasting longer than quartz ones.


The quartz watches are generally more affordable than the mechanical ones. However, the exception differs based on the calibre and brand name. The craftsmanship and mechanism are quite complicated on mechanical watches which make the kind of watch expensive.


These all are the differences between mechanical watches and the quartz watch. Now you can purchase one depending on the requirements. If you have an eye to check details, you will be able to appreciate it along with its innards.