What Kind of Flowers Do You Send for a Meaningful Birthday?

What Kind of Flowers Do You Send for a Meaningful Birthday?

A birthday is an important event where a person’s age grows older. Many people think this special day should be celebrated. If you have a partner, friend, or family birthday you can prepare the right birthday gift.

A bouquet or table flower arrangement as a birthday gift is one of the special gifts for people you love very much because flowers have a deep and unusual meaning. Every gift has its own meaning, of course, including if you give flowers. Of the many gifts in this world, flowers are one of the romantic gifts that you can give to your lover or loved ones. When you are going to choose a flower arrangement for your loved ones, sometimes there are difficulties. Birthday wishes for your parents, friends or partner will certainly be very different, as will the flower arrangements that you will give. Different types of flowers, different meanings.

Each month has a flower symbol that represents the month of one’s birth, which is referred to as the Flower of the Birth Month. Of course, this can be your reference in choosing the right flowers for gifts. Or, you can also ask questions and ask for recommendations on your favorite birthday gift delivery Singapore. A flower delivery service provider will definitely help you. You can express the gift you want to give, the character of the person who will receive your gift, his likes and dislikes. A flower delivery service provider will definitely give you advice and recommendations. They also certainly have a diverse catalog that you can choose from.

January – Carnations

Carnations are available in various colors and are generally a symbol of love and attraction, also representing pride, beauty, admiration, and gratitude. That is a symbol of a mother’s eternal love. The carnation flower has proven itself to be a perennial flower. Sending a bouquet of carnations to someone shows you are proud of them.

February – Irises


The meaning of the Iris flower is faith, wisdom, and hope. Iris is a beautiful and meaningful gift. The three petals of the Iris flower symbolize confidence, courage, wisdom, friendship, respect, hope, praise, and passion. Dark blue or purple irises represent royalty, while yellow irises symbolize passion. It also express courage and admiration.

March – Daffodils

The meaning of the daffodil flower is rebirth, respect, respect, and unrequited love. This flower is a symbol of rebirth and new beginnings. Daffodils promise hope, joy, cheerfulness, and optimism. But a daffodil flower symbolizes misfortune or misfortune.

April – Daisy Flower


Daisy is associated with innocence, purity of mind, heart, soul, and love that conquers all. Daisy is symbolizes happiness and innocence. Giving daisies is a testament to your love.

May – Lily of the Valley


The lily of the valley symbolizes wisdom, while the lily of the valley represents tenderness, humility, purity, and purity. In the language of flowers, this May birth flower expresses the purity of heart, majesty, and honor and is also said to bring good luck in love. It means “the return of happiness”.

June – Roses


All roses symbolize love and appreciation, roses also express beauty, passion, beauty, and perfection. The red rose became known as a symbol of love and fidelity. Roses are the flower of choice to send a message of love. Red roses are a meaningful gift and are perfect for expressing feelings for loved ones on Valentine’s Day, birthdays, and for relationships just starting. Red roses have an appeal that is hard to resist.

July – Lakspur Flowers

The Lakspur flower symbolizes an open and passionate heart, a carefree feeling, with a soft color and a refreshing scent.

August – Gladiolus Flowers

This flower means generosity. This flower reflects the strength of character, moral integrity, beauty, beauty, and admiration. Gladiolus flower in Latin means sword, originally gladiolus was a flower given to a victorious Roman gladiator. A bouquet of gladiolus flowers is given as a sign of respect to someone you admire.

September – Aster

Aster has the meaning of the flower of patience, the subtlety of love, and luck. This September birth flower is known as a binder of love, a symbol of eternity and elegance.

October – Marigold Flowers (Calendula)

This flower symbolizes affection, grace, satisfaction, excellence, gratitude, and sympathy. As a gift, Marigold expresses a warm and passionate love. These flowers are given in baskets but are most commonly used as bouquets.

November – Chrysanthemum Flowers

Chrysanthemum means rest, wealth, and secret love. The chrysanthemum symbolizes longevity, joy, optimism, and fidelity. If you want to give a birthday gift to your partner, please avoid choosing yellow chrysanthemums.

December – Poinsettia Flowers

This flower is associated with Christmas. This flower symbolizes success and good joy.

You can get the flowers above easily. You can use flower delivery Singapore to get them. Remember, the quality of flowers shows your concern.